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Welcome to Morgane's world:
mission-driven leader & advocate for change

Guiding conscious leaders

Morgane's is a bold visionary, conscious leader, and entrepreneur dedicated to drive purposeful organizations.

Advisor for business and governance

Morgane's is a bold visionary, conscious leader, and entrepreneur dedicated to drive purposeful organizations.

Business Healer

As a Healer, Morgane uses her capacities to canalize energy, and applies it to both corporations and physical persons. She sees them both as living organisms, that are strongly connected.

Acting on both is the first step for alignment.

Shamanic calling

Impact investor

beyond her corporate endeavors, Morgane is an impact investor backing 12 startups. She advocates for a strengthened bond between entrepreneurs and investors, believing that channeling savings shapes tomorrow's world.

Inspirational speaker

as a seasoned speaker, Morgane ignites passion and action for a soulful, collaborative business world. Through over 40 keynotes, conferences, round tables, and TV interviews worldwide, she empowers audiences with her message of empowerment and democratized entrepreneurship.

Seasoned international executive

With over two decades of experience in technology and innovation, Morgane navigates multinational landscapes with finesse. Her journey includes leadership roles at tech giants like Oracle, EMC, Autodesk, and investment heavyweights like Salesforce Venture, Eurazeo, and BlackRock. From M&A to crisis management, she has led operations across 40 countries, aligning strategies with boards and shareholders' goals.

Independant board member

Morgane seats at several organizations’boards (NGO, startups and SMBs) and contributes to the evolving narrative of success, shaping a future where conscious leaders and organizations thrive


transmission is part og Morgane’s DNA. She wrote a transformation workbook, contributed to several business books and author of 2 romans to be published soon. Stay tuned

Ready to elevate success together:

Connect with Morgane to explore how her transformative leadership can boost your organization's path.


The world is changing, and Morgane is at the forefront of shaping its future. Together, let's shape a world where purpose and prosperity go hand in hand.

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