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Inspiring souls, inciting action.

Aligning purpose for impactful action

Our conferences designed to be inspirational and practical tools. The audience receives real insights, examples and concrete, immediately actionable keys.

All our conferences can be designed as masterclasses and workshops

Manage with the soul of your organisation

This is a transfrmative experience where we explore the concept of an organization as a living organism, possessing its own soul and distinct culture. Through innovative approaches, we'll delve into integrating and enhancing both the rational and spiritual aspects of your organization. Discover how harmonizing the visible and invisible elements can unlock new levels of success and fulfillment for your company. Unveiling the S.O.U.L.® method





Women in business empowerment

Demnstration of how to seize control of your destiny by becoming the entrepreneur of your own life. No one is waiting for you to succeed; it's up to you to rise, direct your actions towards success, recognition, and visibility. Discover the power of sisterhood and collective action as essential keys to success. Take action now. Be the role model you aspire to see. This event will feature real-life examples and actionable insights to fuel your journey towards success and inspiration

Empowering conscious leaders and entrepreneurs

Explore the power of conscious management and leading with heart to shape a new economy – a conscious economy. Discover the potential within yourself to drive change from within. Learn to identify the 'butterfly effect' within your reach, amplifying its impact to foster a larger, collective movement. Join us in embracing the ethos of "business for good, investment for good' as we pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future 

Manifest inner power: from obstacles to opportunity

Empowering conference on resilient leadership. We guide you through navigating life and career's unpredictable twists and turns with grace. Discover how to harness your personal power, overcome challenges and emerge stronger than ever. Learn valuable insights and discover surprising similarities that reveal how overcoming dark periods can unlock hidden resources within yourself. Walk away with actionable keys to apply directly to your daily operations, long-term projects and visions, empowering you to thrive in both personal and professional spheres.


Looking for an animator to host a conference or a round table?

Morgane Rollando is a seasoned speaker and animator involves in several ecosystems such as entrepreneurship, innovation, financing, conscious and equal leadership. She can host your events (roundtables, interviews, podcasts, etc.), managing several contributors.


You have a new message to pass through, an inauguration, Morgane Rollando,  seasoned speaker and animator will be happy to design with you the conference dedicated to your, empowering it with a combination if story telling, yours, hers, current affairs, embodied with strong emotions and exemples.


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