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Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and business alignment with our programs designed to fortify your purpose and governance.

Grounded in sincerity and a commitment to deep introspection, these programs offers a unique opportunity to delve into the soul and the meaning purpose of your organization, and make it become concrete.

Join us on a transformative journey of alignment, dedicated to founders, partners, and executive leaders who are committed to (re)aligning with their business and themselves.

This holistic experience fosters introspection, collaboration, and purpose-driven action, culminating in the emergence and design of a powerful Business Purpose that resonates with all stakeholders.

Through a series of individual and group sessions blending introspection, integration, and implementation, we guide you in realigning your personal and organizational values, unleashing the full potential of your leadership and business.

Key outcomes

Clarity and alignment

Gain clarity on your personal and organizational values

Align them with your business purpose

Fostering harmony and synergy within your company.


Comfront perspectives, redefine interactions,

Align goals and visions with partners and team members

Empowering decisive action and focused execution.

Strategic roadmap

Consolidate your collective vision into a tangible roadmap

Outlining concrete, immediate actions and rituals to dissolve blockages

Drive profound change

Achieve holistic success.


  • Immediate and personalized actions: Implement concrete actions tailored to your unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Dissolution of blockages: identify and dissolve barriers hindering personal and organizational growth.
  • Holistic experience: engage in transformative exercises and rituals to deepen your alignment journey.
  • Visible transformation: experience profound and visible changes in yourself and your business, unlocking new levels of purpose and potential

Sessions are held confidentially, either remotely via Zoom or on-site at your premises, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for your growth journey."

Welcome to a transformative journey of (re)alignment designed for leaders, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs seeking to rediscover their purpose and reignite their passion for their business. Whether you're feeling a lack of meaning or experiencing burnout, this holistic experience is crafted to unearth your intrinsic value and mission, while also revitalizing your business's purpose through transformative practices.

Guided by Morgane, each session is an immersive exploration into the depths of your being and your company's essence. Together, we delve into introspection, unlocking insights and wisdom that lay dormant within. By stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing vulnerability, we unleash the latent potential of both the leader and the organization.


Through a partnership grounded in commitment and trust, we co-create personalized exercises and rituals to catalyze immediate and tangible changes in your business, be it subtle shifts or profound transformations. Like the butterfly effect, the lightness of our work belies its profound impact on your long-term success.


Concrete action

Implement personalized and immediate actions to propel your business forward .

Emotional and economic liberation

Identify and dissolve emotional and economic blockages that may be hindering personal and organizational development.

Purposeful rituals

Integrate simple yet powerful rituals into your daily life to reconnect with your purpose and drive sustained success.

Visible transformation

Experience deep and visible changes within yourself and your organization, paving the way for holistic  fulfillment.


The first two sessions focus on introspection, delving into the depths of your being and your business's essence. The remaining sessions are dedicated to implementation and action, translating insights into tangible outcomes.


Rest assured, each session is held in strict confidentiality, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for your growth journey.

Session Format

The launching program includes 4 sessions, conducted remotely via Zoom or onsite, offering flexibility and accessibility to suit your needs and preferences

According to your own needs, we are happy to think of a taylor-made program

Release organizational dynamics: a systemic approach with organisational constellations


Our systemic constellation approach offers a dynamic and solution-focused process designed to empower organizational leaders. By delving into the intricate web of relationships and interdependencies within your organization, we provide invaluable insights into its underlying dynamics. This efficient and cost-effective method enables a deeper understanding of your organization's complexities, allowing you to navigate challenges with clarity and confidence

From mergers and strategy development to market entries and cultural shifts, there's a myriad of organizational challenges where systemic constellations can provide clarity and guidance. Whether you're grappling with staff turnover, communication breakdowns, or resistance to change, this method offers a powerful tool for diagnosing and resolving complex issues.


Additionally, scenario constellations and board constellations provide a unique opportunity to test strategic options and board decisions with stakeholders, facilitating informed and effective decision-making processes.


Deep insight

Gain profound understanding of your organization's dynamics and underlying challenges.

Strategic clarity

Identify clear pathways forward for addressing organizational issues and achieving goals.

Informed decision-making

Use scenario constellations to test future decisions and align strategies with organizational vision.

Enhanced alignment

Foster alignment among team members and stakeholders, promoting cohesion and synergy within the organization.

Constellations can be used in 3 different ways

One organization facing a peculiar issue, to be solved internally

A group of leaders committed to solve each other’s challenges

An individual session using game play

Each situation and constellation is unique and will be taylor-made. Please contact us, describing the highlights of the current situation you are facing.

Based on the practical tools that we developed, we design together the program that suits your needs, in terms of

  • Outdoors seminar
  • Governance mediation and realignment
  • Creating a new board or committee and dynamics around it

Each situation and constellation is unique and will be taylor-made. Please contact us, describing the highlights of the current situation you are facing.

Fortify and align your purpose

Tailored to your own needs and objectives, our program unfolds over a period of time, allowing for a comprehensive exploration and consolidation of the work done in our business or governance alignment program. Together, we'll establish clear goals, determine the program's duration based on your business calendar, and co-create a personalized roadmap for your journey.


Each session is held in strict confidence, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for your growth and development. You'll benefit from alternating between sessions together and personal work, with audio recordings provided for your reference. Key insights revealed during sessions will guide your personal work between sessions, facilitating continuous progress and growth.

This program is a contract not only between you and me but also between you as the manager and your business. It's a commitment to your own growth and the flourishing of your business, with the duration of objectives and session frequency tailored to your specific needs.


Sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom or on-site, providing flexibility and accessibility to suit your preferences. Together, we'll fortify your purpose, empowering you to lead with clarity, authenticity, and impact

Whether you're searching for meaning or grappling with burnout, our holistic approach will uncover your intrinsic value and unearth your unique leadership mission alongside your business's purpose. Our aim is to cultivate coherence and synergy, translating alignment into action for economic prosperity.


In this exclusive session, we'll focus on a single intention you wish to address, collectively or individually,  in relation to your business. Guided by Morgane, you'll embark on a deep holistic journey to identify and overcome blockages, releasing energy and realigning yourself and your business in the process. Together, we'll co-create tailored exercises and rituals to anchor your experience and reconnect you with your essence for lasting transformation.


This session serves as a powerful booster for those who have previously engaged in our programs, offering targeted support and alignment to propel you and your business forward with clarity and purpose.

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